DIY Elimination Diet Strategies

DIY Elimination Diet Strategies

Here is another great video to add to your playlist. JJ Virgin is a NY Times Bestselling Nutritionist who shares tips for 7 Foods to Drop that help you feel better fast. The story behind what motivated this is AMAZING. Like most people, she was motivated by a tragedy. I’ll summarize it for you if you don’t have half an hour to watch it.

Remove foods you may have a sensitivity to (for many, it’s wheat, eggs, corn, peanuts, dairy, soy, sugar, etc). Keep in mind this could be different for YOU – which is why it’s important to pull them out, test them, THEN add them back in.

Use a FOOD JOURNAL – note your own food sensitivities. You need to physically write it down. Write down not only what you eat, but your cravings. If you CRAVE something, it’s an indicator that you will have an AMAZING response by removing it.

Cut down on the amount of fructose you consume. A couple pieces of high-fiber fruit each day is sufficient.

TIMING is important. Give yourself a 12-to-14 hour fast between dinner and breakfast. No need to eat every 2-3 hours. Every 4-6 hours is optimal. Stop eating 3 hours before bed.

Comment below – have you ever tried an elimination diet? How did you feel? What did you discover about yourself?