Eat Your Damn Veggies. You’re a Grownup.

Eat Your Damn Veggies.  You’re a Grownup.


C’mon, let’s stop being juvenile when it comes to our health. I get really frustrated when I see and hear adults make the same juvenile excuses kids do when it comes to nutrition. They won’t eat what’s good for them because it doesn’t taste good. They want pizza, burgers and wings instead. So, they opt for immediate gratification instead of long-term health. In many ways, the adult behavior is WORSE. Why? Because most adults usually KNOW what they should be eating, but they STILL don’t do it.

Did you know that the four of the top-ten killing diseases in the US can be prevented, mitigated or even REVERSED in some cases with proper diet? Unfortunately, it takes a devastating diagnosis for so many people to make a change. The way I see it, you can either eat your veggies now, or take your medication later. Make an ADULT decision to change.

TRUE – crappy food usually TASTES better. I GET it! I wasn’t a big fan of Brussels sprouts or kale when I first tried them either, and I’m STILL trying to like beets #thestruggleisreal. My advice is to just keep trying. Your taste buds WILL change the more you eat clean. The more you do, the more body will becomes sensitive to real flavors and the cravings for sugar, salt, fat and processed foods will diminish.

Part of the fun of being and adult is that you usually get to do whatever you want to do without another grownup telling you otherwise. But that’s why it’s even MORE important to make conscious, grownup choices. If you don’t make those decisions for yourself, nobody else will.

I say this with love!