October Challenge Group

October Challenge Group

Are you tired of…
Saying you’re going to drop the last 10-15 pounds (or starting your weight loss your journey)
Feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start
Getting frustrated over lack of support from friends and family

Then, you…
Eat the extra slice of pizza because, who really cares anyway?
Ugly cry because you feel hopeless and ugly
Resolve to try again on Monday 

Let’s stop that cycle!  I’m going to be challenging you to LevelUP in October.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey, I will meet you there and provide the tools and resources you need to SUCCEED.  If weight loss is your goal?  I’ve got you covered.  Want to BUILD muscle tone so you look younger, more vibrant?  I know how that works too.  No more going backwards.  Life is too short for excuses, to feel drained, and hopeless.  Let’s get you BACK IN THE GAME and feeling great about yourself. 

Apply TODAY!

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