Best Books on Nutrition

Best Books on Nutrition


Remember the phrase “garbage in, garbage out”?! It’s so true!! I get sooo fired up 🔥 when I see the junk we as Americans consume on a daily basis. 🤔In general, people know so little about the connection between food and disease. I consider it my mission to spread the word about holistic nutrition so that others can prevent, and in some cases REVERSE, the health conditions that plague our society.

Here’s what I know for sure: We are all better off when we make conscious choices about what you put in our bodies, minds and how we nurture our spirits. Not only does living on purpose and in balance prevent disease, it makes us healthier and happier.   Here are some of my favorite books:


The Blue Zones

How Not to Die

The China Study


Eat to Live

The Case Against Sugar

The Obesity Code

The End of Dieting

Eat More, Weight Less