About Me

About Me

I’m Kim Danger.  I live in Minnesota with my husband Scott and two teenage kids.   I’m a pretty normal midwestern mom and wife, except that I’m ON A MISSION.  Let me explain…

Eat Your Damn VeggiesIn my 30s, I was lucky enough to eat basically whatever I wanted (lots of pizza, mac and cheese (my kids were little!) and Diet Coke) without thinking much about my health or even gaining weight.  In my early 40s, that changed.  Not only did I find it got harder to maintain a healthy weight, I began thinking about the fact that my dad had had a heart attack at age 42… not far off from the age I was at the time.  I didn’t want his health history to become my future.

I decided to do something about it, and I started working out consistently and adding more fruits, veggies, and whole grains to my diet.  It made a difference not only in my body composition, but how I felt.  It felt empowering to take control of my health and not let my genetics define me.

A few years later, my story became more personal after my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  Since I was into clean eating and knew that diet could have such a big impact on health, I began researching foods that may help him and consuming whatever information I could be my hands on.  I read The Gerson Therapy, The China Study, Anticancer and watched documentaries like Forks Over Knives.  Unfortunately, it was too late to have these things help him.  Within two months, he was gone.  If you’ve ever lost someone you love suddenly without much warning, you know how devastating that can be.

Holistic Nutrition Services Consultation

These days, I’m motivated to make a change in my own diet so my own family doesn’t have to lose me prematurely.  I want to live a long, vibrant life enjoying my kids and future grandchildren.  The more I learn about nutrition and the power food has to heal us, the more fired up I become.  It’s my mission to spread the word to others that so many of the ailments our society suffers from are preventable and even treatable in cases with diet.

This year, I earned my certification as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.   This blog is all about my journey to learn more and educate others with what I already know.  If you are interested in my Nutrition Counseling Services please reach out!