Fitness Motivation: TIP JAR

Fitness Motivation: TIP JAR

Even when you do your best do encourage healthy habits, your family often needs a little outside motivation to get moving in the right direction. A Family Fitness Tip Jar is an idea that could work for you. Here’s how to do it:

As a family, decide on what your goal will be.  Make it something that gets even the least motivated of your crew excited. Don’t make it a goal that is too difficult to achieve, or too easy. It should also be something that doesn’t take more than a few weeks to attain.

Don’t make the goal something that negates your hard work.  Family Pizza Night may be fun, but it sends the wrong message. I love the idea of something that gets your family active TOGETHER – a new bocce ball set for the backyard, a laser tag afternoon, or a day at a waterpark.

You can create your own set of tips and corresponding dollar amounts, but if you’d like to print the one I used I’ll provide the graphic. I just slipped the piece of paper inside the jar.

Family Fitness Tip Jar